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Easy Holiday Skincare Tips

22 Nov

‘Tis the time of season where the “to do list” seems to stretch beyond time. It can make your skin pucker and crinkle with wrinkles at the mere thought.

You don’t want your skin to age or breakout because of a few weeks of stress cheer; do you? We don’t either, so we’ve come up with a few suggestions. And since, we don’t want to add to your holiday burdens…um…fun, you can easily incorporate them into your busy schedule.

christmas girlStay Hydrated.

Water hydrates cells, reduces fluid retention, and flushes out toxins.  Alcohol dehydrates and is hard on the skin, so flush it. Coconut water is good for this.

Take a Supplement.

Stress depletes levels of nutrients. The B vitamins and magnesium are good for stress; vitamin C is a skin healer, and vitamin D helps with lack of sunshine in winter. A multivitamin will cover all the basics.

Eat More Fresh Vegetables and Fruit.

They will help to balance the effects of holiday foods and drinks that may not be so good for you.

Put Down the Salt Shaker.

Salt draws moisture from the cells and leads to water retention that results in puffiness around the eyes and to drier skin.

Do This Yoga Pose: Legs Up the Wall.

Ten minutes lying on the floor with legs resting up against a wall rejuvenates skin and you. Place a cool cloth or eye mask over eyes while in the pose.


People tend to breathe shallowly when stressed. Breathe deeply and slowly; expand the belly on the inhale and deflate it on the exhale.

Just Say “No.”

Say “no” to some of the sugary treats and to people. Sugar affects collagen production. Stress from doing too much negatively affects skin.

Exfoliate Regularly.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, and makes it ready for regeneration of new skin cells.


Hydrate your skin more than normal. Organic or natural facial mists are great for on-the-go hydrating and is refreshing for the spirit. Moisturizing will keep your skin looking refreshed, reduce appearance of wrinkles, and keep skin from becoming dehydrated.


Laugh, sing, dance, or find things to appreciate in everyday this holiday season.  It will make you glow and when you glow, your skin will show it.

 REMEMBER: The holidays come every year like clockwork; there’s always next year…. HoHoHo!

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In the News: Strange Phenomenon in Yoga Studios

1 Apr

Yes we are a bath and body company, yumscrub.com, and our blogs usually focus on those things related to it.  But, Yum Scrub Organics’ founder, Denise, is also a yoga teacher.  She found this article in the San Jose Post so alarming she thought we should share it in case you or anyone you know practices yoga – just to be prepared.

A new unexplainable phenomenon is happening to yoga students in yoga classes in California and apparently spreading eastward.

It began a couple of weeks ago in a class at the Mudhatama Yoga Studio in San Jose, California while students were doing cat and cow pose.  Cat/cow is a movement done on the hands and knees. Students flex their spine by moving from rounding it to extending it. It is called cat/cow because the rounding of the spine resembles a frightened cat, and the extending of the spine where the belly drops down looks like a cow. This time though the poses took on a life of their own. Students involuntarily began to meow and moo spontaneously.

The teacher, Josh Riddel, sensed right away that something was wrong–that this was no game.  He said he felt chills go up and down his spine at the sound because they were so realistic.  Riddel could see by the bewilderment and fright on the students’ faces that something strange was going on.  The sounds stopped when the class of about 24 students moved from cat/cow to sitting.

After the students calmed down, Riddel asked if they could explain what happened. The students could not explain.  They all reported the same experience: Something uncontrollable came over them, and the meows and moos emanated from their mouths on their own volition.  Several of the students were so frightened they began to sob while others laughed it off as part of the yoga experience.

Riddel asked for student volunteers to go back into cat/cow to see if the sounds would emanate from them again.  Several students did volunteer, and once again they all meowed and mooed.  He had no explanation to give his students.  It didn’t end there.  Other teachers at the yoga studio reported the same sensations were happening in their classes.  And soon, posts on social media showed that the meowing and mooing were not limited to this one studio.  Like a virus, it had spread to other yoga studios all over California.

Some gurus are saying that this is merely students embodying the essence of the pose.  “I know that yoga is to transform me.  But I don’t know if I’m ready to be transformed into a cat or cow even if cows are sacred in India.  Well…besides we aren’t in India, and I’d probably get eaten here in the U.S.  This is what has become of me since that day; I make no sense at all when I speak.  This whole experience has ungrounded me,” said Flo Hardy, a yoga student in Riddel’s class.

Since the San Jose Post broke the story, many students are staying away from yoga classes while other people who have never done yoga are flocking to them.  They want to have what they see as a once in a lifetime experience.  During the full moon in March, many yoga classes were held outside so students could meow/moo at the moon…a yoga version of howling at the moon.

The SJP interviewed medical personnel in various fields to see if they could offer any insights or explanations, but no one as been able to identify a cause.  Strangely, it is only happening in yoga classes and only with the cat/cow movement. Students are not barking in downward facing dog………not yet.  Also, teachers are not affected, and individuals practicing at home do not report the same experience.

Some speculate that maybe a mass Kundalini awakening or enlightenment is happening, and others say it is a sign that points to the birth of the aquarius age.  The aquarius age, which humanity is in the beginning stages, is said to cause consciousness rising. Unsettling consequences can happen to those not prepared for higher levels of consciousness in this new age, Dr. Shaman Mee, director of Spirit Rising explains. Whether it is related no one knows for sure–all is speculation.  What is known, however, is that the phenomenon is not just isolated to California.

It is moving east.  Reports of the Meow Moo Mantra, as it is now being called, are coming in from Oregon, Washington State, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado.  Since it seems to be spreading like a virus, it’s only a matter of time that yoga studios nationwide may be affected.

If you or someone you know practices yoga, all that we can tell you to do is:


 Have a Happy April Fool’s Day!

Love and Light to All~

Denise & Mackenzie

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Yoga for Skincare

9 Aug

Traditional yoga is a discipline that integrates the body, mind, and spirit and is a way of life.  However, as many people have discovered even bits and pieces of yoga are beneficial. So, don’t worry you won’t have to contort your limbs into a pretzel while standing on your head and go into a transcendental state to benefit from yoga for the skin.

These simple techniques below practiced regularly will enhance your skin.

  • Poses
    Anytime you can get the blood flowing in the opposite direction with either forward bends or inversions brings fresh oxygenated blood throughout the body and to the skin.

    • Supported Forward Bend
      Forward bends against a wall are restorative because the wall supports you as you bend; restorative poses are relaxing.  So, you get the benefits of blood moving to the face and the benefits of relaxation that is always good for the mood which translates being good for the skin.

      • Stand against a wall with your feet about a foot or so away from the wall.  Hinge (bend) from the hips (not the waist).  Don’t force yourself to bend any further than the body is willing–allow gravity to help you to deepen into the pose.  Once you in the pose, make a “window frame” with your arms by crossing them above the elbows. Your neck can hang loose (stretches muscles) or bring your chin to towards your chest (stretches the joints in the spine).  Knees can be bent.  Once you are settled in the pose, take a deep inhale and audibly exhale allowing your body to relax in the pose.  Hold the pose from 30 seconds to 4 minutes.  Avoid this pose if you have heart disease, uncontrolled blood pressure, or eye diseases.  When you are done, inhale you way back up against the wall and relax against the wall for a few minutes.
    • Legs Up the Wall
      Legs Up the Wall pose is a simple inversion that is also a restorative pose.  The blood flows in the opposite directions with inversionsThis is a great pose to do if you have trouble sleeping or loaded down with stress.

      • Sit with a side of your body parallel to and against a wall (one hip is touching the wall).  Lie down with legs extended and swing your body around so that you leg go up the wall.  If you need to, scoot your buttocks so they touch the wall.  Extend you arms out to the side.  Take a deep inhale then audibly exhale.  Relax in this pose up to 15 minutes.  You can also place a folded blanket underneath your hips to get more of an inversion (do this before you extend your legs up the wall).
    • Simple Twist
      Twist “wring” out the organs, which helps to eliminate toxins.  Eliminating toxins from the body means they won’t show up on your skin as blemishes, red bumps, or scaly skin.

      • Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent.  Either extend your arms out into a “t” position, or allow them to lie down along your side.  Begin by moving your knees from side to side (knees are together, moving in the same direction.  After a few movements, allow the knees to rest on the floor to one side.  Take a deep inhale and audibly exhale, relaxing into the pose. Hold the pose from 2 – 10 minutes.  Sometimes it help the twist if you move your hips and buttocks opposite the direction the knees are going–do this prior to bringing them to the floor.
  • Breath
    Breathing properly and doing breath exercises help to move nutrients throughout the body, eliminate toxins, energize, and relax the body.

    • Belly Breathing
      Belly breathing is the proper way to breathe.  It’s easier on the lungs and heart and allows you to approach life in a more centered way.

      • Can do either sitting or lying down.  Focus on your belly at about the belly button or a bit lower.  On your inhale, the belly expands and moves “up.”  On the exhale, the belly deflates and moves down.  Picture a balloon.  When filled with air it expands and when the air is removed it deflates.  Practice daily until this becomes your normal breathing habit, or do when you feel particularly stressed.  Practice slowing the breath and extending the exhale.  Great to practice at bed time
    • Kaphalapti Breath
      Kapahlapti means skull shining or skull cleansing.  It energizes the body and brings fresh oxygenated blood to the body.  You don’t want to do this breath prior to going to bed (unless you want to pull an all nighter).

      • With kaphalphti breath, the inhale is a natural breath and the exhale is a powerful exhale.  This breath can be practiced sitting or lying down.  First become comfortable belly breathing.  Allow your inhale to come naturally through the nose.  On the exhale, forcibly draw in your belly as you expel the air through your nose. Then again allow a natural inhale followed by forcibly exhaling the breath through the nose by sharply drawing in the belly.  Practice slowly until you are comfortable with the breath and then you can do a little faster.  Also, makes sure your inhaling more than exhaling (hyperventilation).  Inhale can’t be shorter than exhale, but exhales can be longer than inhale.  There are some good You Tube videos that demonstrate this breath.
  • Meditation
    Meditation is a terrific body healer and what heals the body benefits the skin.  If meditation is intimidating to you, think of it as sitting quietly or going deeply into prayer.  Begin by doing just a few minutes (3-4) and gradually build up to where you can sit quietly for 20 minutes each day.  Techniques to help you can do to help you be “in your skin” are just following your breath; do a simple chant, such as “breathing in, breathing out; don’t fight your thoughts–allow them to flow, or “watch” them.

The thing with practicing yoga is that once you begin with a few simple practices done regularly, your body will gradually want to seek out other techniques and ways of living that support your journey through life.

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