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Some Great Feedback About One of Our Serums!!

9 May

We know our products are effective and are always hearing from our customers how much they love them.  But, when you get news that a skincare professional notices the results of one of our products, that really makes us proud, and we wanted to share the story:

Last week one of our regular customers went and had a microdermabrasion facial.  After the treatment, the esthetician said to her, “This is the part where I’m supposed to try to sell you some products.  But, your skin looks really good, so just keep using whatever it is you’ve been using.”  What was she using you ask?  For about the last year, she has been applying our Argan and Allies Hydrating Serum on her face and neck area.   

 Makes us happy that she’s getting such great results! Yay!


We Love Our Customers

10 Jan
“Hi, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the Coco-Mint Scrub.  Not only do I have dry skin, but I also have a very busy life.  Since starting to use your scrub, I can eliminate the dry skin and the time consuming application of lotion altogether.  I especially appreciate this at bedtime when I’m tired.”
-Gail S.
Portage, PA

Thanks Gail for letting us know how you are making the YUM Scrub Organics experience your own!!!

Another awesome testimonial!

7 Dec

This one is from our client who owns her own yoga studio and teaches yoga as well.  Thanks Mary Ann!

“I have very dry skin and have always had trouble finding a moisturizer that really works for me.  The YUM Scrub hydration serum is wonderful! It softens my skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.”
Mary Ann P.
Denver, CO
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