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Some Great Feedback About One of Our Serums!!

9 May

We know our products are effective and are always hearing from our customers how much they love them.  But, when you get news that a skincare professional notices the results of one of our products, that really makes us proud, and we wanted to share the story:

Last week one of our regular customers went and had a microdermabrasion facial.  After the treatment, the esthetician said to her, “This is the part where I’m supposed to try to sell you some products.  But, your skin looks really good, so just keep using whatever it is you’ve been using.”  What was she using you ask?  For about the last year, she has been applying our Argan and Allies Hydrating Serum on her face and neck area.   

 Makes us happy that she’s getting such great results! Yay!


Mother’s Day Around the Corner…Order Now

27 Apr

Mother’s Day this year is on May 8, a little earlier than other years.  Just in case you get a spot on Jeopardy and there’s a Mother’s Day category– here is some help to prepare you.

A day for celebrating mothers has been around for centuries.  The Greeks (by the way what haven’t they started?) began it with celebrating Rhea who was the mother of the gods and Cybele, the earth mother.

The Roman borrowed from the Greeks and had a day to celebrate Juno, the patroness goddess of Rome and women.  The first Christians (who also borrowed other ideas from….the Greeks) took up this celebration to honor Mary, the mother of Christ on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Early British religious leaders extended the religious celebration to include all mothers and called it Mothering Day.  It was also a day that folks were to return to the “mother” church and later it evolved so that household servants got the day off to visit their mums.

While the holiday did not cross the seas with early settlers, it eventually landed here. Anna Jarvis, a “protolobbyist,”  got the presidential seal of approval to make it a national holiday.  The first Mother’s Day, May 12, 1907, was a church service in honor of Anna’s mother and other mothers.  Anna handed out white carnations because they symbolized sweetness, purity, and patience.  It was, however,  Julia Ward Howe, a suffragist, who suggested the idea many years before, wanting the day to also celebrate peace.

By the way, Anna never had children of her own. Good thing perhaps. Because if she had children, and they gave her a card or candy or some other present, she would have disowned them.  Anna so hated the idea of sending cards and giving gifts to mothers on Mother’s Day that she spent her entire fortune and the rest of her life fighting against the commercialization of Mother’s Day.

President Woodrow Wilson in 1914 made it official by making the second Sunday in May a national holiday to honor mothers.  And Hallmark has been kowtowing in thanks to him ever since…………

While most countries have a day to celebrate Mother’s Day, Denmark, Turkey, Italy, Australia and a few other countries celebrate on the second Sunday of May just like us.  They borrowed……….of course.

For Mother’s Day, we have put together a combination package with a lovely discount. 

Take advantage of this offer by clicking: http://stores.yumscrub.com/-strse-13/Mother%27s-Day-Package-Set/Detail.bok

Keratosis Pilaris? You Could Have It!

11 Apr

Got red bumpy skin on your upper arms and thighs, and on your buttocks?  It has a name, keratosis pilaris.  Try saying that 3 times fast…  And if you have it, you’re not alone.  It’s estimated that more than 40% of adults worldwide have KP.  While not harmful, it can be annoying.  In colder months it’s itchy.  And in the summer, it can’t be hidden…

Those bumps are still there when you are ready to rock your fabulous new summer dress or bikini.  And those cute short-shorts will be showing more than just legs.  But there is help to eliminate or reduce KP.

KP is a result of too much keratin (a protein) forming in the body and plugging the hair follicles in those areas.  KP is tough and doesn’t flake off as normal dead skin does.  Did you know that skin, hair, nails, hooves, and horns are all made of keratin?

The consensus in the medical field seems to be that there is nothing that can be done except try different creams in the hope they will reduce the bumps.  Most people find the creams don’t work because they act more like a “band-aid,” masking the problem instead of resolving it.  And some actually experience that the ingredients in those lotions worsened their KP, ingredients such as lanolin.

More and more, research shows that diet plays a large role in the condition of our skin.  It only makes sense: Diet affects the health of our body on the inside why wouldn’t it affect the outer layer of the body?  It’s not as if our skin is disconnected from the rest of our body.

Ways to reduce or eliminate KP:

Some of the common foods that people with KP have eliminated from their diet, which in-turn reduced or cleared the skin condition entirely are, wheat, gluten, dairy products, and factory-raised meats (because of the hormones and antibiotics given to the animals–among other things).  So you would want to eat organic raised meats instead.

Studies have shown KP is thought to be hereditary; this connection is often used as a way of dismissing any hope of correcting the condition. However, heredity falls inline with diet as a culprit.  If heredity is the problem then diet makes sense once again.  The reason is that most people eat from the traditional diet of their family’s heritage.  Sure you eat foods from other ethnic traditions, but on a consistent basis (especially when you want that comfort food) you most likely choose something that your parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles and so on eat.  In other words, observe what you eat and look for connections.

If you want smoother skin, try experimenting by eliminating one of the above foods, do it gradually and one at a time.  And allow at least 6-8 weeks from the complete elimination of a food to notice a difference.  Switch from eating factory-raised meats to organic raised and processed meats.  And fill your diet with skin happy foods such as berries, carrots, fish, and green leafy vegetables!!

Other culprits that could cause or exacerbate KP are products (soaps, lotions) that contain lanolin and mineral oils, harsh detergents (commercially produced soap and shower gels), laundry soap, and dryer sheets.

Besides changing up the diet and investigating products that are applied to the skin or come in contact with it, you can improve the condition with regular exfoliation and keeping the areas moisturized.

Yum Scrub! Organics Coco-Mint, Manly-Mint Eucalyptus, and Orange You Glad Scrubs with regular use will reduce or eliminate the bumps.  Not only do the scrubs soften and exfoliate the built-up keratin; the oils in them penetrate and nourish the skin with essential fatty acids.  And the botanicals  improve the skin’s overall condition.

And to help you get started on smoother, healthier skin, Yum Scrub! Organics is offering 10% off any Scrub.  It’s spring time; get your skin ready now for summer!! Use PROMO code: superskin  (Note: Need to register at checkout to use promo code.)


Man, You’re Manly!

4 Apr

The toughest of men need to nourish their skin.  Sometimes, even if they don’t want to admit it, they may need it more than their female counterparts.   A man’s skin is hard working, and more often than not gets neglected. As a result, it can become clogged with impurities and dull looking.  Skin is more than just for looking good; it is an exit for toxins in the body.  If the skin is clogged and not properly cleaned, it makes it harder for it to do it’s job. Whether they are in the shower or shaving, all of his skin should be treated with the same love and affection.

This is why we have specifically created men’s products.  Our Manly-Mint Eucalyptus Scrub will not only get him squeaky clean.  It was formulated with his ph balance in mind.  The combination of carrier oils and essential oils will cleanse, moisturizes, nourish, and heal the skin; the sugar granules help exfoliate dead skin cells away while recharging the lymphatic system and getting the blood circulating.  Total Effect: Healthier skin, Healthier body, and Healthier mind and spirit.

A man’s face can have it really rough (literally) and shaving can be hard on the skin.  Getting ingrown hairs and a smooth shave can also be a challenge.  Not to mention putting on harsh alcohol based after-shaves is never a good thing.  Our Shave Balm not only helps soothe freshly shaven skin, with Argan oil, which is naturally high in fatty acids and mimics the skins sebum.   But also is supported by essential oils such as Patchouli which promotes new cell growth while lavender calms his fresh shave.  The Shave Balm will not only  provide instant relief, but will continue working throughout the day by providing much need hydration and making the skin softer for many shaves to come.  Total Effect: Happy shave+ Happy face = Happy you

So get going hot stuff …http://stores.yumscrub.com/-strse-Men%27s/Categories.bok

10 Mar

Yum Scrub! Organics | Natural, Green, Organic, Healthy
We are proud to now be selling on Abe’s Market, not only a great place to buy all natural products, but they also give you the opportunity to really know the people behind the brands you are buying!  Click the image above to check it out!

The Essentials of Essential Oils

4 Mar

Before peeling an orange and digging into its sweet juiciness, do you bring it to your nose first and inhale its wonderful uplifting smell?  Mmmmmmm!  If you haven’t, try it.  The scent and yummy feeling that comes with sniffing an orange is due in large part to its essential oils.  

Essential oils are the “essence” of a plant.  Extraction of volatile (scent and therapeutic) molecules from petals, stems, bark, and/or other parts of a plant is what makes it an essential oil. Some plants such as cypress or patchouli are generous in giving up their essence.  While others such as the rose, which takes almost 10,000 pounds of petals to get approximately one pound of essential oil, aren’t giving their essence away so freely.  By the way, 1/8 ounce of therapeutic grade organic rose essential oil can cost well over a $100.00. And just like a great bottle of wine some improve with age, such as patchouli.

Essential oils are not just dressed up in their fine scents for showing off; they work to.  In almost every culture across the globe and across thousands of years, plant oils have been used for everything from burns to sciatica.  Essential oils were so prized they were used as money and for bartering in many cultures.

Modern aromatherapy resulted from an accident.  After a severe burn to his hand French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, grabbed lavender essential oil and poured it on his hand.  He was surprised at how quickly the burn healed and how it prevented scarring.  Yum Scrub! Organics strongly believes in the benefits of essential oils and that’s why we add them to our products.

In addition, Yum Scrub! Organic essential oils are a cut above.  Our supplier sells only organic essential oils, using a distillation process.  Their oils are of the highest quality, and they also are in contact with the producers of the oils they don’t produce themselves.

Yum Scrub! Organics pays more for our essential oils, but we are committed to using the best ingredients that work.  And, we think our wonderful customers deserve the best!

Meet Argan Oil

6 Jan

Argan oil hails from the nut of the Moroccan Argan tree; he is tremendously rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids.  He softens and diminishes the look of facial lines and sun damage while replenishing your skin’s own oils.  Argan’s highly fatty properties allow him to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.  Argan is a super moisturizer and he creates a protective barrier from wind, dustand smog.  He also works as an anti-inflammatory and can help heal skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.  Yes, he really is that good!  You can find him in many of our YUM Serums.

Happy New Year! Now Get Your Oil On…

3 Jan

After the annual holidays of indulgence, you are probably looking to get the natural glow back into your dehydrated skin!  Well, we are here to encourage you to oil up!!!

Our skin creates sebum, which is a fatty, oily like substance that moisturizes our skin.  As we get older our sebum level begins to decrease, which in turn makes our skin drier.  So, to help our skin out, we can use oils.  The oil’s fatty properties mimic those of our natural sebum, giving the appearance of the young and youthful glow we had in the 90’s without looking greasy!

So do something nice for your sebum glands and try any of our serums!

* Argan and Allies Hydration Serum

*   Manly-Lavender Shave Balm

*  Sunflower and Sidekicks Scar Minimizing Serum

*  Argan Acne Away Serum


Wishing you a happy and YUMMY 2011!!

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