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Meditate for Healthier and More Beautiful Skin

30 Aug

Have you heard of psychodermatology?  Most people haven’t.  Psychodermatology is a relatively new medical field that studies the psychological effects of emotions on the skin and psychological disorders that have skin manifestations. 

How does this relate to meditation for better skin?  Well, first it shows the link between emotions and the skin is real.  You probably knew this already from experience.  Breakouts, eczema, and psoriasis are all made worse with stress.  Maybe you’ve noticed someone’s skin looking sallow, dry, rough, or how they seemed to have aged over night after a stressful time.  The second connection to meditation and the skin is in the well-documented benefits of meditation on stress reduction.  Reduce stress equals better skin.

But, meditation also helps in another way.  Manifestation is a meditation technique where you send healing energy to your body/skin to give it what it needs.  Using energy in this way is the same as setting intentions, or visualizing something you want or need.  It’s a very powerful tool available to everyone.

I hear the groans. “I don’t know how to meditate.  I don’t have the time. I can’t sit still.”  Meditation scares many people, or at least makes them apprehensive.  There’s nothing to fear.  Meditation is basically the learned ability (at least for most of us) to sit quietly; that’s all.  There’s no hocus pocus, or trying to control your thoughts.  Meditation is sitting quietly, allowing the thoughts to come and go without getting involved in them.  Meditating will show you just how wily, crafty, and conditioned your mind is.  The benefits of meditation most definitely out weigh the apprehension.   Give it a try.  You have nothing to lose and more to gain in trying.  Below are some techniques for meditating and for manifesting.


  •  Set A Timer  If you are new to meditation, begin with a short amount of time–say 5 minutes.  Set a timer; this way your mind will be less fidgety if there is a specific time set.  Then each week make the time a little longer.
  • Comfortable Seat  Find a comfortable sitting position.  You don’t have sit cross-legged.  You can sit on a chair, kneel on your knees, or even lie down.  If you sit on a chair, make sure your feet touch the floor or put something under them so that they are resting on something.
  • Hand Placement  Place your hands on your thighs or some place comfortable.
  • Scan Body  Close your eyes.  Starting with your feet and working your way up to your head, scan your body.  Just observe the different parts of the body; don’t get into a dialogue with your mind about the aches and pains or any other observations.
  • Breath Awareness  Move your awareness to your breath.  Where are you breathing from?  What is your breath like; is it shallow, fast, deep, slow, etc?  What else can you notice about your breath?  Again just observe your breathing without involving the mind in a dialogue.  Do this for 5 or 6 complete breaths (inhale/exhale = 1 breath).
  • Belly Breathing  Take your awareness to your belly–at your belly button or a little below.  Begin to breathe from your belly and “watch” the movement of the belly.  Inhale the belly rises; exhale the belly deflates.  Watch the rise and fall of the belly coordinated with your breath for 5 or 6 complete breaths.
  • Lengthen Exhale  Begin to slow and deepen your breath, and lengthen your EXHALE (make your exhale a bit longer than your inhale). Counting helps with lengthening the exhale.  If your natural inhale is to the count of 4, let your exhale be to the count of 6 or 8.  Don’t force your body to do this if it’s not ready.
  • Your Meditating  So, now as you sit in meditation you can continue to watch the rise and fall of the belly, or you can count as a way to focus.  Begin the count with 1 on the exhale and finish with 10 on the inhale; continue to count in the same manner. 
  • Monkey Brain  When thoughts intrude (and they will), notice the thoughts.  You can even say, “thinking,” or “thoughts straying” when the mind wanders. Then come back to your breath or back to counting.  Don’t worry if your mind strays more than it focuses on counting or on the movement of the breath.  That’s normal; the chatter of the mind is affectionately called “monkey brain.”  Be patient and keep returning to either watching the breath or counting when the mind conjures up distractions.  It’s what your mind was trained to do, but now you are training it to do something new.  So, it will rebel, and it will take practice.
  • Other Ways to Focus  Instead of counting or watching the breath to help stay focused, you can try a simple quiet mantra, such as “breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out….”  Another technique is to watch your breath move in an out at the nostrils.  Notice how cool the breath is when you inhale and how warm it is on the exhale.
  • Regular Practice  Have a regular practice. That’s the thing–the most important thing. Have a regular practice even if it’s a short meditation; better to do a short one than none.  Try to have a daily practice with 1 day off. 
  • Patience, Patience, Patience  Be very, very patient and consistent.  For instance, if you set the timer for a specific time don’t go over that time even if the meditation is going well. 
  • Body/Mind Prep Work  Moving the body before meditating helps to prepare the mind and body for sitting in stillness.  That’s what yoga poses and movements are all about, but you can also run, walk, dance, or meditate after your regular workout.

After you’ve become comfortable (more or less) with sitting in a quiet meditation for a few minutes, you can use the energy within you to manifest what it is you need or want.  In this case, we are working with the skin/body.

  • Meditation  Begin the meditation as outlined above and meditate a few minutes.
  • Count Backwards  When you sense relaxation coming over you, very slowly count backwards from ten to zero.
  • Stillness  Sense the stillness that’s within you and stay with it for a moment or two.
  • Visualize Wellness  Now sense or visualize wellness coursing through your body.  Stay with it for a moment or two.  Stay connected to the feeling of well-being; know everything is all right.
  • Manifest  Now take whatever it is you want to manifest or energize for your skin and sense or visualize it.  Take that visualization, “good feeling,” or energy to the area of your body that needs it.  You can use your breath to help you take the energy there by breathing in and out at the area. For example, if it’s a more youthful face you want, feel or sense radiant, smooth young skin as you “breathe” in and out at your face.  If you have acne, imagine or feel your skin is clear and blemish free.
  • Finishing  Do the visualization/sending healing energy for at least 2 minutes.  Return to noticing your breath and count slowly from 1 to 10 while focusing on the rise and fall of your belly as your breathe.
  • Regular Practice  Again, it takes regular practice to feel at ease with manifesting, especially in the beginning.  Be patient.

Okay for some of you this may feel too new age or weird because it’s something that new to you and new things take us out of our comfort zone and make us apprehensive. That’s normal. I can only say manifesting meditation works, and tell you that many well-known people use manifesting techniques to accomplish or achieve their goals.

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Denise Karson is a yoga, meditation, and spiritual teacher.


Some Great Feedback About One of Our Serums!!

9 May

We know our products are effective and are always hearing from our customers how much they love them.  But, when you get news that a skincare professional notices the results of one of our products, that really makes us proud, and we wanted to share the story:

Last week one of our regular customers went and had a microdermabrasion facial.  After the treatment, the esthetician said to her, “This is the part where I’m supposed to try to sell you some products.  But, your skin looks really good, so just keep using whatever it is you’ve been using.”  What was she using you ask?  For about the last year, she has been applying our Argan and Allies Hydrating Serum on her face and neck area.   

 Makes us happy that she’s getting such great results! Yay!

Carrots, Attraction, Happiness, and Bugs Bunny, huh?

25 Mar

Ha.  Wondering how these will get connected?  Read on.

A study done by the University of Bristol showed that fresh fruits and vegetables high in carotenoid give skin a healthy glow. . People with a light yellow hue (we’re not talking sun yellow or anything) are considered more attractive.  It turns out that yellow undertones are more attractive to the opposite sex than tanned skin.  Although the study was done on Caucasians, the researchers belief this holds true across all ethnicities.  The yellow undertone is interpreted as healthiness to the opposite sex.  It becomes important when someone is looking for a mate.  As part of the evolutionary process, a person wants a healthy looking partner in order to procreate. Carrots are high in the yellow undertone-making nutrient, cartenoid.

In his book, “The Secret of Water,” Masaru Emoto measured the energy vibration of different vegetables.  Carrots came out to be high on the happiness chart.  Okay, some people question the validity of his research.  I’m going with it because how can eating carrots make you unhappy?  And besides, there is Bugs as proof.

Carrots are all that Bugs Bunny ever eats.  He is adored by millions and over several generations.  And even when facing the barrel of Elmer Fudd’s gun, he is calm and happy.  No matter what Elmer (“that pesky wabbit”) does to Bugs, Bugs takes it in good humor.

So, there you have it carrots equal attractiveness and happiness as proved by Bugs Bunny.

You know what else makes you attractive and happy? 

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Meet Argan Oil

6 Jan

Argan oil hails from the nut of the Moroccan Argan tree; he is tremendously rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids.  He softens and diminishes the look of facial lines and sun damage while replenishing your skin’s own oils.  Argan’s highly fatty properties allow him to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.  Argan is a super moisturizer and he creates a protective barrier from wind, dustand smog.  He also works as an anti-inflammatory and can help heal skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.  Yes, he really is that good!  You can find him in many of our YUM Serums.

Happy New Year! Now Get Your Oil On…

3 Jan

After the annual holidays of indulgence, you are probably looking to get the natural glow back into your dehydrated skin!  Well, we are here to encourage you to oil up!!!

Our skin creates sebum, which is a fatty, oily like substance that moisturizes our skin.  As we get older our sebum level begins to decrease, which in turn makes our skin drier.  So, to help our skin out, we can use oils.  The oil’s fatty properties mimic those of our natural sebum, giving the appearance of the young and youthful glow we had in the 90’s without looking greasy!

So do something nice for your sebum glands and try any of our serums!

* Argan and Allies Hydration Serum

*   Manly-Lavender Shave Balm

*  Sunflower and Sidekicks Scar Minimizing Serum

*  Argan Acne Away Serum


Wishing you a happy and YUMMY 2011!!

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