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We’re Closed Friday April 22, 2011

22 Apr

Get outside and enjoy our wonderful earth!  Plant a tree, pick up some trash, or just breathe in the fresh air!  

Happy Earth day!

Love and Light to All 

See our post from earlier this week as to why we decided to close in honor of Earth Day…


Friday, April 22nd – Earth Day: We are Closed for Business

20 Apr

Yum Scrub! Organics has been thinking of ways to celebrate Earth Day this coming Friday…

If we did a coupon or any other Earth Day promotion, with an amount of money going to an environmental charity, we would have left a greater footprint than just doing our normal business.  Hardly earth friendly on the one day we are to celebrate our planet and be aware of our footprint.  The same would go with any give away or discount code.  Any of these programs would have meant the use of more paper products, energy, and carbon usage than we normally use.

That’s when it hit us.  The best way we can honor and celebrate Earth Day is to put up the “closed” sign for the day.  And that’s what we are doing.  Yeah, it may seem extreme to some.  But, if you haven’t realized, we are very conscientious not just about how we make our products, but how we impact Mother Earth; we are serious about sustainability.  We realize our existence is dependent on a healthy earth–not just our individual existence, but our business too.

Closing shop for the day means we will not fulfill any orders; we will not produce any products, and our computers will be turned off.  Our employees will have the day off to spend time in nature or volunteer.  We are encouraging them and all of our customers to tune out (disconnect) and tune-in (spend time in nature) for the day.

What will you do Friday?  Check out the Earth Day Website to see ways you can get involved.


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