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Beat the Summer Skin Oily Blues

3 Jul

Do you dread summer because you feel like your skin becomes its own oil manufacturing plant? Is it much worse than other times of the year? You scrub your face and apply drying agents, but it doesn’t help or gets worse? If you have oily skin or acne prone skin, summer can be tough.

Beach biker

Summer Fun Affects Skin
The heat, the humidity, the sunscreen, the sun, and exercising with all those elements in play can wreck havoc on  your challenged skin issues. It’s true; the fun of summer can make skin more oily and breakouts worse. On top of that, summer is also a time when you may also relax your healthy diet regimen, eating and drinking foods that acerbate your skin condition.

Over-Cleansed Skin Effect 
When skin is oily, the oil worsens, or pimple breakouts increase, there is a tendency for many people to try to fix it by washing the face more or using drying products and soaps. However, the opposite happens. Over cleansing your face and using drying products, such as toners, pimple treatments (especially those heavy with chemicals), and harsh soaps/face washes makes the skin worse. Your body responds when your skin is over dried by making more oil to compensate. But, it overcompensates and makes too much oil. A vicious cycle begins of washing, applying skin treatments/ointments and skin cells registering dryness and vamps up oil production. You need to break the cycle to get your skin in balance. soap

Two Things To Firmly Hold in Mind
Before I get into the specifics of making oily and acne skin better during summer, you need to firmly put two things in your mind and hold to them. One is you need to keep to a regimen, not matter what. Secondly, you need to work on the problem from the inside out as well as topically. It’s the inside out that most people have trouble with and balk at. For one thing, it may require some diet changes (for the better). We’ve been mentally conditioned for years from the medical community that diet doesn’t affect the skin. This is bad information. Makes me crazy to even think that this was the propaganda from doctors for generations. Yes, let’s be clear, diet does affect the skin. Hello! Scurvy! This is just one disease doctors should have used to put two and two together: If you don’t get vitamin C, you get scurvy and one of the effects is hemorrhagic skin papules, not a pretty sight.

Enjoy Summer Fun and Keep Pimples and Oil under Control

Have A Regular Cleansing Regimen and Stick to It. Wash your face twice a day with mild cleanser, especially in the evening. DO NOT GO TO BED WITH MAKEUP ON! Never, ever. I prefer you use an organic cleanser. Use warm/lukewarm water. Do not use hot water on your face. Only time you would wash your face more than twice a day is after exercising. If you swim, rinse the chlorination off with lukewarm water, but don’t wash, and apply a proper moisturizer. If you use a sunscreen, remove it as soon as you come indoors by gently cleansing. Regularly use a very mild exfoliator. You can use a mild one daily. Don’t use a toner; they are of no benefit to the skin. And for oily skin and acne prone skin, they are too drying. They can cause the vicious cycle mentioned earlier.


Take Ice and Rub Over Your Face. You want to calm and cool your skin. I take an ice cube to my face twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening before going to bed. I do it for other reasons that oily skin, mature skin…. It’s great for sending to fresh oxygenated blood to the skin. Fresh blood contains nutrients. I hold the ice in a washcloth or hand towel, and travel it over my face and neck. You can also put ice water in a basin and dunk your face it. I think that’s more work. Just don’t hold the ice too long on one spot. If you have a pimple though, you can leave the ice on it for a few seconds to help calm it, and help reduce its size.

Use a Moisturizer. I know this can make some of you cringe at the idea. Moisturizer/oil on oily, acne skin?? But, a really good moisturizer balances the oils on oily and acne prone skin. We, of course, love argan oil for this. Our Argan Serum is our top seller, five years out (it also has effective essential oil). Whatever, moisturizer you use, make sure it doesn’t block pores or have unnecessary ingredients, such as preservatives or bactericidals. Lotions often have these. Again, that’s one of the reasons we created our acne line, so as not to have unnecessary ingredients that can make acne worse.

SpinachEat as Many Fresh Fruits and Vegetables as Possible. Everyday single day eat your veggies and fruits, especially include dark green leafy vegetables. Some of them are kale, spinach, dandelion greens, and lettuces other than iceberg. But, anything fresh is good. Eat them raw, steamed, or roasted to change it up, and keep your palate interested. If you eat something bad, i.e, not good for skin, cleanse your body by eating fresh fruits and vegetables as soon as you can. For example, you go to baseball game and eat hot dogs, nachos, etc. and drink beer or soda. For next few days, stick with a fresh fruit and vegetable diet. Buy or make green health drinks.

water-2.jpgDrink Water. Everyday day drink water. Researchers say you need to drink half your body weight in ounces everyday. So, if you weight 150 pounds you need 75 ounces of water every day. This is if you are not doing anything. So, if you exercise you will need more. And I think it’s good for acne prone skin to drink more, to make it healthy again. If you are dehydrated, your skin will suffer. The body will want to protect vital organs first when dehydrated, so will pull hydration from those parts of the body that it deems as not as important, such as the skin. Don’t include other beverages in this, especially alcohol.

Change Your Pillowcase Daily. If you don’t have that many pillowcases, cover your case with a soft towel. Oil that is produced overnight get transferred to your pillow either from your face or hair. Bacteria begins to grow. At night the bacteria can make it’s way to your face.

Exercise. Exercise helps in many ways. Nutrients get distributed throughout the body more efficiently. It helps to control stress; stress makes acne worse and overstimulates oil glands. Exercise removes toxins and stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps the body fight “invaders.” Exercise also keeps your weight in control; studies have shown link between being overweight and acne. Just remember to gently cleanse face afterwards and rinse face in cold water or use ice cube treatment.

Limit Sun Exposure. The thought used to be that the sun helped acne and oily skin. But, that’s not so. The sun is not good for these to conditions. The other thing is if you also use a sunscreen you compound the problem. Sunscreen can create oils or attract dirt. And then, there’s the detrimental effects of direct sun on problem skin. Sun blocking hats are the best; those with UVB ratings. However, you may want to enjoy some sun activities. So, be reasonable and create a balance. sunTake every effort to limit sun exposure on your face. But, also enjoy those sun activities you enjoy. Maybe you have an activity, such as playing kickball that you can switch to doing in the evening. Just remember to gently cleanse your face afterwards and follow with cold water splashes or ice cube treatment.

There you  have it, a cleansing regimen, a super healthy diet, water, exercise, and keeping a balance between enjoying the things of summer you love with the realistically maintaining healthy skin. Yes, sometimes it does come down to what is more important your skin or forgoing something that will make it worse. Oh, one other thing: Don’t squeeze those pimples.

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You’re Bathing with Soap? Are You Sure ’bout that?

2 May
If you have a beautiful piece of jewelry such as a string of pearls or a diamond ring, you aren’t going to put them in harsh chemicals or detergents to clean them, right?  And guys, if there’s a beautiful shine to your car, you are just as careful not to ruin it with an abrasive cleanser, correct?  But yet, everyday millions of people are stripping their skin of their natural emollients (lipids) with harsh detergents and soaps.  These natural lipids help your skin to glow and keep it healthy.  So why strip them away?

You probably think that bar of deodorant or anti-bacterial soap you put on your skin is just that, soap.  It’s most likely not; it’s probably a detergent with synthetic ingredients that are very harsh on the skin, especially dry skin.  According to the U.S. government definitions, soap is made from fats and alkali–that’s it.  Basically anything that makes a claim such as being a deodorizer, being anti-bacterial, beautifying, etc. is considered a cosmetic, not a soap.
 Interestingly, the reason some synthetic ingredients are added to body cleansers is not so much about cleaning or improving your skin.  It’s actually there to keep scum from forming in the tub or shower.  Pure soaps (fat and alkalies) form a “tub ring” in hard water.  So that body cleansers can work the same in all water types, manufactures created products with synthetic ingredients that work in both soft and hard water.  This is what also causes the soap to bubble and lather.  Consequently, the same ingredients that keep your tub clean are also the ingredients you are using on your body.  You also clean with bleach…would you bathe in that?  Alright, a bit of an exaggeration…but still.
Our body scrubs use a combination of plant oils, plant botanicals, and exfoliants, such as sugar or salt to clean the body.  Using plant oils to cleanse the body is hardly a novel idea.  Many cultures used plant oils for these exact purposes.  The Romans, Greeks, and the ayurvedic practice in India promoted the use of plant oils and essential oils to keep the skin not only clean, but moisturized as well.  That is what our scrubs; they clean, exfoliate, and moisturize all in one.    

Man, You’re Manly!

4 Apr

The toughest of men need to nourish their skin.  Sometimes, even if they don’t want to admit it, they may need it more than their female counterparts.   A man’s skin is hard working, and more often than not gets neglected. As a result, it can become clogged with impurities and dull looking.  Skin is more than just for looking good; it is an exit for toxins in the body.  If the skin is clogged and not properly cleaned, it makes it harder for it to do it’s job. Whether they are in the shower or shaving, all of his skin should be treated with the same love and affection.

This is why we have specifically created men’s products.  Our Manly-Mint Eucalyptus Scrub will not only get him squeaky clean.  It was formulated with his ph balance in mind.  The combination of carrier oils and essential oils will cleanse, moisturizes, nourish, and heal the skin; the sugar granules help exfoliate dead skin cells away while recharging the lymphatic system and getting the blood circulating.  Total Effect: Healthier skin, Healthier body, and Healthier mind and spirit.

A man’s face can have it really rough (literally) and shaving can be hard on the skin.  Getting ingrown hairs and a smooth shave can also be a challenge.  Not to mention putting on harsh alcohol based after-shaves is never a good thing.  Our Shave Balm not only helps soothe freshly shaven skin, with Argan oil, which is naturally high in fatty acids and mimics the skins sebum.   But also is supported by essential oils such as Patchouli which promotes new cell growth while lavender calms his fresh shave.  The Shave Balm will not only  provide instant relief, but will continue working throughout the day by providing much need hydration and making the skin softer for many shaves to come.  Total Effect: Happy shave+ Happy face = Happy you

So get going hot stuff …http://stores.yumscrub.com/-strse-Men%27s/Categories.bok

Carrots, Attraction, Happiness, and Bugs Bunny, huh?

25 Mar

Ha.  Wondering how these will get connected?  Read on.

A study done by the University of Bristol showed that fresh fruits and vegetables high in carotenoid give skin a healthy glow. . People with a light yellow hue (we’re not talking sun yellow or anything) are considered more attractive.  It turns out that yellow undertones are more attractive to the opposite sex than tanned skin.  Although the study was done on Caucasians, the researchers belief this holds true across all ethnicities.  The yellow undertone is interpreted as healthiness to the opposite sex.  It becomes important when someone is looking for a mate.  As part of the evolutionary process, a person wants a healthy looking partner in order to procreate. Carrots are high in the yellow undertone-making nutrient, cartenoid.

In his book, “The Secret of Water,” Masaru Emoto measured the energy vibration of different vegetables.  Carrots came out to be high on the happiness chart.  Okay, some people question the validity of his research.  I’m going with it because how can eating carrots make you unhappy?  And besides, there is Bugs as proof.

Carrots are all that Bugs Bunny ever eats.  He is adored by millions and over several generations.  And even when facing the barrel of Elmer Fudd’s gun, he is calm and happy.  No matter what Elmer (“that pesky wabbit”) does to Bugs, Bugs takes it in good humor.

So, there you have it carrots equal attractiveness and happiness as proved by Bugs Bunny.

You know what else makes you attractive and happy? 

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The Essentials of Essential Oils

4 Mar

Before peeling an orange and digging into its sweet juiciness, do you bring it to your nose first and inhale its wonderful uplifting smell?  Mmmmmmm!  If you haven’t, try it.  The scent and yummy feeling that comes with sniffing an orange is due in large part to its essential oils.  

Essential oils are the “essence” of a plant.  Extraction of volatile (scent and therapeutic) molecules from petals, stems, bark, and/or other parts of a plant is what makes it an essential oil. Some plants such as cypress or patchouli are generous in giving up their essence.  While others such as the rose, which takes almost 10,000 pounds of petals to get approximately one pound of essential oil, aren’t giving their essence away so freely.  By the way, 1/8 ounce of therapeutic grade organic rose essential oil can cost well over a $100.00. And just like a great bottle of wine some improve with age, such as patchouli.

Essential oils are not just dressed up in their fine scents for showing off; they work to.  In almost every culture across the globe and across thousands of years, plant oils have been used for everything from burns to sciatica.  Essential oils were so prized they were used as money and for bartering in many cultures.

Modern aromatherapy resulted from an accident.  After a severe burn to his hand French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, grabbed lavender essential oil and poured it on his hand.  He was surprised at how quickly the burn healed and how it prevented scarring.  Yum Scrub! Organics strongly believes in the benefits of essential oils and that’s why we add them to our products.

In addition, Yum Scrub! Organic essential oils are a cut above.  Our supplier sells only organic essential oils, using a distillation process.  Their oils are of the highest quality, and they also are in contact with the producers of the oils they don’t produce themselves.

Yum Scrub! Organics pays more for our essential oils, but we are committed to using the best ingredients that work.  And, we think our wonderful customers deserve the best!

The lady in yellow

22 Feb


Sunflower Oil She’s the lady in yellow and can help even the most sensitive skin. She’s a wonderful friend and will always be there to help heal and soothe your skin when it’s irritated. She is adorned with Vitamins A, D, and E, and has beneficial amounts of lecithin. Sunflower oils is an old soul and will condition your skin, especially when it’s dry, weathered, aged, or damaged.

Roses for V-Day? How about Rosehip??

8 Feb

Meet Rosehip, a wonderful ingredient that is featured in our Hydration Serum!

Rosehip contains very high levels of vitamin E, A and C, which all help delay the effects of aging skin.  Rosehip also regenerates skin, reduces scars and wrinkles, and balances skin tone while promoting higher collagen and elastin levels.

Meet Argan Oil

6 Jan

Argan oil hails from the nut of the Moroccan Argan tree; he is tremendously rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids.  He softens and diminishes the look of facial lines and sun damage while replenishing your skin’s own oils.  Argan’s highly fatty properties allow him to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.  Argan is a super moisturizer and he creates a protective barrier from wind, dustand smog.  He also works as an anti-inflammatory and can help heal skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.  Yes, he really is that good!  You can find him in many of our YUM Serums.

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