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Lead in Lipstick–Really

15 Feb

Those kissable lips we wrote about yesterday may have some lead on them if you use lipstick.  The FDA released its most recent findings and found 400 shades of lipstick contain lead.  L’Oreal, Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl, and Nars were in the top ten for highest contaminant amounts.  The FDA claims the amounts are traceable, but are not harmful because little is ingested or absorbed. 

What the FDA needs to ask is: What are the cumulative effects of lead in lipstick on women who wear lipstick daily and who reapply it throughout the day (lead builds up in the body)?  What are the effects on pregnant women and on women who want to become pregnant?  What about women with small children who love lipstick kisses from mommy or like to play with mommy’s lipstick?  Scientists and researchers who have studied lead say there is no safe amount of lead for pregnant women and children.  Read more:

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Top 6 “Must Do” for Healthy Skin and Beautiful Face

25 Jan

Beautiful skin comes naturally to very few of us.  Even those who appear to have beautiful skin from a distance, have their flaws revealed when up close or after the make-up is removed.  Healthy and beautiful skin naturally needs help to get and maintain it.  Here to help you with it are our top 6 must do’s.

1. Drink water daily.  Water hydrates and removes toxins from the body. 

2. Eat fresh vegetables daily, especially dark green leafy ones.  They are filled with skin loving nutrients that help to combat wrinkles, dryness, and pimples.

3. Eat fresh fruit daily, especially fruits high in Vitamin C.  The body doesn’t make or store vitamin C, so it needs to be replenished regularly.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which helps to fight against dryness and wrinkles.  Vitamin C is key to building collagen.  Collagen helps keep skin firm and helps the skin to repair itself.

4. Cleanse your skin daily.  But don’t over cleanse or use harsh soap detergents.  Doing so will strip the skin of vital oils, causing wrinkles to form easier and/or breakouts.  Rinse face with cool to very cool water to tone the face.

5.  Get omega 3 into your diet on a regular basis.  Omega 3 is not made by the body and needs to be supplied.  Omega 3 fights inflammation, aids in preventing dryness, and gives skin a glow.

6. Moisturize your skin regularly.  Even oily and acne prone skin need hydrating.  Be sure to use high quality products that do not contain petroleum based ingredients, chemicals, or dirt attracting ingredients.

See our blog on the “Top Ten No-No’s for Beautiful, Healthy Skin.”

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