Do You Know Dry Skin’s 2nd BF?

26 Jan

With winter comes dry itchy skin.  And if you live in a semi-arid place, such as Colorado where I live, part of the lifestyle here is overcoming dry skin and dry sinuses.  BTW, a few of other lifestyle adaptions that one needs to consider when crossing the border to live in Colorado are spandex (for cycling and running), a bicycle, a dog, a Subaru (diehard Coloradoans), and an orange/blue fashion palette (diehard Bronco fans…).  Gaining in popularity is tebowing (the official greeting stance when meeting friends on the street…).  Waning  are the cowboy hats, boots and spurs; the new couture is spandex, cycle helmet, and high-end athletic footwear.  Love Colorado; I digress though.  

Dry skin’s 2nd BF is a warm air vaporizer or humidifier.  They not only help with dry skin, but also help to keep the sinuses clear.  Place one in your bedroom; they start at around $35.00.  Some vaporizers have a cup  to put in a few drops of essential oils that will dispense into the air when the vaporizer is running.  Eucalyptus is great for colds, lavender for sleeping.

A high quality organic oil moisturizer is dry skin’s number 1 BF.

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