The Essentials of Essential Oils

4 Mar

Before peeling an orange and digging into its sweet juiciness, do you bring it to your nose first and inhale its wonderful uplifting smell?  Mmmmmmm!  If you haven’t, try it.  The scent and yummy feeling that comes with sniffing an orange is due in large part to its essential oils.  

Essential oils are the “essence” of a plant.  Extraction of volatile (scent and therapeutic) molecules from petals, stems, bark, and/or other parts of a plant is what makes it an essential oil. Some plants such as cypress or patchouli are generous in giving up their essence.  While others such as the rose, which takes almost 10,000 pounds of petals to get approximately one pound of essential oil, aren’t giving their essence away so freely.  By the way, 1/8 ounce of therapeutic grade organic rose essential oil can cost well over a $100.00. And just like a great bottle of wine some improve with age, such as patchouli.

Essential oils are not just dressed up in their fine scents for showing off; they work to.  In almost every culture across the globe and across thousands of years, plant oils have been used for everything from burns to sciatica.  Essential oils were so prized they were used as money and for bartering in many cultures.

Modern aromatherapy resulted from an accident.  After a severe burn to his hand French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, grabbed lavender essential oil and poured it on his hand.  He was surprised at how quickly the burn healed and how it prevented scarring.  Yum Scrub! Organics strongly believes in the benefits of essential oils and that’s why we add them to our products.

In addition, Yum Scrub! Organic essential oils are a cut above.  Our supplier sells only organic essential oils, using a distillation process.  Their oils are of the highest quality, and they also are in contact with the producers of the oils they don’t produce themselves.

Yum Scrub! Organics pays more for our essential oils, but we are committed to using the best ingredients that work.  And, we think our wonderful customers deserve the best!


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