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Let’s Go Coconuts!

24 Feb
Mary Beth Janssen and Organic Spa Magazine, share with us the benefits of coconut oil!  Below is just a taste of the article, but take sometime to read the whole thing…  (click the link to read the full story)
Coconut oil is an extremely healthy saturated fat. Its principle fatty acid is lauric acid (also found in human breast milk), a medium chain saturated fatty acid or triglyceride (MCT) that has potent antiviral, antifungal, antipathogenic, and antimicrobial properties. Lauric acid powerfully strengthens the immune system. It optimizes our body’s absorption of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, enhancing overall health. It can help assuage digestion-related problems, such as heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome. Why, it’s even used to treat AIDS and candida because of its antipathogenic effect in the gut.
And using Coconut oil on your skin?
Whether the drying depths of winter or the heat of the summer, coconut oil is one of the most soothing and cooling oils on the planet and can have dramatic rejuvenative effects on the skin. This oil works wonders as a deep moisturizer, emollient, and lubricant for all skin types, especially dry and aging skin. Use on facial skin, on hands and feet, but also certainly use for a full body self-massage.
Check out the full article by Mary Beth Janssen from Organic Spa Magazine
Try our Coco-Mint Sugar or Manly-Mint Eucalyptus Scrubs; both contain organic coconut oil


The lady in yellow

22 Feb


Sunflower Oil She’s the lady in yellow and can help even the most sensitive skin. She’s a wonderful friend and will always be there to help heal and soothe your skin when it’s irritated. She is adorned with Vitamins A, D, and E, and has beneficial amounts of lecithin. Sunflower oils is an old soul and will condition your skin, especially when it’s dry, weathered, aged, or damaged.

Happy Friday; Grab a Brew!

18 Feb

Get ready for a night out or an evening in by taking a nice soak with our New Bath Brews!  Our Bath Brews  are created to be added to any bath and work like a tea; steeping out the beneficial Herbs, Salts, and/or Essential oils while you soak.

And don’t worry, we have something for everyone!

Bath Brew flavors include:

‘So Long Sore Muscles’Rendezvous

‘Romantic Rendezvoues’

‘Later Alligator Skin’

‘See Ya Later Stress’

‘Reenergize Head to Toe’

Tootsie Time!

11 Feb

Our feet do so much for us, they get us around, they take the pressure off when standing in line at the grocery store, they allow us to be extra cute with a priceless pair of shoes… we could go on and on… This is why we think it’s time to show our pedes some appreciation.

Not only are there thousands of pores on our feet, they are also the largest on our bodies.   By using a scrub on them you can really help flush out the toxins in your body, not to mention it will make you feel rejuvenated from toe to head!

Using a YUM Scrub! (step #2), follow these simple directions for giving the perfect foot massage and treat your feet (or your loved one’s) on this Valentine’s Day weekend!


Roses for V-Day? How about Rosehip??

8 Feb

Meet Rosehip, a wonderful ingredient that is featured in our Hydration Serum!

Rosehip contains very high levels of vitamin E, A and C, which all help delay the effects of aging skin.  Rosehip also regenerates skin, reduces scars and wrinkles, and balances skin tone while promoting higher collagen and elastin levels.

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